Bermuda Lichens

The lichens & lichenicolous fungi of the Bermuda Isles

Contributions to the lichen flora of Bermuda – Part I. New records, new combinations, and interesting collections of lichenized ascomycetes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:F. Berger
Secondary Authors:S. LaGreca
Start Page:41
Date Published:07/2014
Keywords:Bacidina brittoniana, Bermuda, foliicolous lichens, lichens, Muellerella thalamita.

The last account of the lichen flora of Bermuda was published nearly 100 years ago by Riddle (1916) and repeated in Waterston (1947). The spectrum of species from that time was found to be quite accurate though limited in number. The increasing number of species noted here is predominantly a result of taxonomic progress as well as targeted, intensive exploration of poorly known Bermudian ecosystems. 105 species are recorded as new to Bermuda, and two new combinations are made. Bacidina varia Ekman is synonymized with B. brittoniana (Riddle) LaGreca & Ekman, and Lecidea calignosa Stirton is synonymized with Malmidea vinosa (Eschw.) Kalb, Rivas Platas & Lumbsch. A key to Caloplaca spp. occurring in Bermuda is provided. The first records of foliicolous lichens of Bermuda are given.

Refereed Designation:Refereed
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