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Species of Pronectria (Bionectriaceae) and Xenonectriella (Nectriaceae) growing on foliose Physciaceae, with a key of the European species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:F. Berger, Zimmermann, E., von Brackel, W.
Start Page:473
Date Published:08/2020
Keywords:Anaptychia, Heterodermia, Hypocreales, lichenicolous fungi, new species, Phaeophyscia, Physcia, Physconia

Confusion about the identity of Xenonectriella leptaleae (J.Steiner) Rossman & Lowen led us to revise Central European material of the hypocrealean genera Pronectria and Xenonectriella growing on foliose Physciaceae to clarify the taxonomy. Consequently, we reinstate Pronectria leptaleae and describe Pronectria etayoi, Xenonectriella physciacearum and X. zimmermanni as new species. The new combination Xenonectriella angulospora is proposed. A key to the species of the genera Pronectria and Xenonectriella growing on Physciaceae in Europe is provided.

Refereed Designation:Refereed
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