Bermuda Lichens

The lichens & lichenicolous fungi of the Bermuda Isles

Welcome to Bermuda Lichens

Lichens - stable, mutualistic associations of fungi and algae - are well-represented in tropical areas. Bermuda is home to many Caribbean lichen species, and thus provides a useful gateway for lichenological exploration of the neighboring Greater and Lesser Antilles.

The primary objective of this site is to document and explore the diversity of Bermudian lichens, as well as the fungi which parasitize them (lichenicolous fungi). As our investigation of the Bermudian lichen flora continues, taxonomic and nomenclatural questions arise which affect a wider audience. This site provides a forum for discussion of these questions. You are invited to register and contribute to the taxonomy of Caribbean and neotropical lichens species. Discover the power of lichen cybertaxonomy!

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